Sunday, October 25, 2009

...wHat I lOVe mOSt AbouT hARi rAYa aiDiLfiTRi...

Hello everyone. Meet me again in this entry with a new story that is, what I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Before I go for further explanation towards this title, I want to tell to you that is, every single month or every single day that we going through have their story. Same goes with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri that is in month of Syawal also have their own stories according to the people that celebrate it.

What I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri? Firstly, the most important thing that happen when we all celebrate this Hari Raya Aidilfitri is, you can meet all your relatives, even the far away relatives. This is because, when comes to celebrate this Hari Raya, all families will went back to village to see each other. Moreover, this is the only time to meet all the relatives because; most of them will busy with their own works especially people that work in Kuala Lumpur. That why, I love to celebrate Hari Raya because I can play with each other and sharing stories especially with my cousin.

Secondly, why I love most about Hari Raya is, I can gain a lot of money from all my relatives especially my aunt and my uncle and from my grandparents. In my family trend, the older will get a lot from the younger. That why I love to celebrate it. In addition, giving “duit raya” is a trend same like Chinese celebration, they will give “angpaw”.

Lastly, why I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri are, we can play fireworks together with all my family members. Even though fireworks is dangerous, but it is fun thing to play it and to me, if do not have any fireworks, Hari Raya will become a bored celebration. Moreover, through this celebration, that make I love most is, I can attend more open house rather than any celebration and can collect a lot of money. I hope that, to every people that celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, it will give a big meaning toward you and not just a fun celebration only. See you next time…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

...My faVOuriTe...

Hello everyone. In this blog today, I want to tell to you about my favourite movies. The tittle of my stories is "THE ORPHAN". This movie is the latest movie that I watch before first Syawal. In addition, this movie I watch at midnight time with my cousin. First of all, before I elaborate more and give my opinion about this stories, I want to share to you about their synopsis that I get through Internet. This is the full version synopsis that tell you from beginning until their ending of this stories. After read this stories, maybe you all be attract to watch this stories. My suggestion is, watch this movie at the cinema if this movie still available.
Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) are experiencing strains in their marriage after Kate's third child - "Jessica" - was stillborn. The loss is particularly hard on Kate, who is still recovering from a drinking habit that cost her job. As a coping mechanism she has scattered Jessica's ashes in their garden around a white rose bush, with a plaque to remember her by. They adopt Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), a 9-year-old Russian girl they had met, from the local orphanage. While Kate and John's deaf-mute daughter Max (Aryana Engineer) embraces Esther almost immediately, their son Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) is less welcoming.
Kate grows suspicious when Esther, who watched Kate and John have sex, expresses far more knowledge of sex and its slang than would be expected for a child her age. Not long after Esther arrives, she pushes a schoolmate down a playground slide, who had picked on her, breaking her ankle. Max saw Esther shove the girl, but covers for Esther by saying that the girl "slipped". However, she is further alarmed when Sister Abigail (CCH Pounder), the head of the orphanage, warns her and John about Esther's tendency to be around when things go wrong. Esther overhears this and later kills Sister Abigail with a hammer to the head. She convinces Max (puts a gun to her head) to help her hide the body and the hammer. Daniel sees Esther and Max descending from his tree house from behind a rock, not knowing they hid the hammer there. Later that night, Esther threatens to cut off Daniel's "hairless little prick before he knows what its used for" if he tells anyone what he saw.
Kate is told by the orphanage that they cannot find any record of the Russian orphanage Esther came from. However, John does not believe her, despite continued ominous behavior by Esther. That night, Esther deliberately picks flowers for Kate that are from Jessica's plant and Kate pushes her to the ground. Later, Esther breaks her own arm in John's vice and convinces John that Kate broke it in the scuffle from earlier. On Esther's first day back at school, she slips Kate's SUV into neutral, nearly killing Max. Badly shaken, Kate buys two bottles of wine, but at the last minute pours one of them down the drain and leaves the other full.Kate learns that Esther was housed at a mental institution in Estonia called the Saarne Institute, but when she expresses misgivings to John, he and her counselor think that Kate is relapsing into her drinking habit. After John produces the other bottle Kate bought the night before, he threatens to leave her unless she gets help. Daniel learns of the hammer from Max and decides to get it and go to the police.
However, Esther sets the tree house on fire, intending to get rid of the evidence and kill Daniel. Daniel escapes by falling out of the tree, and gets a severe neck injury. Esther tries to finish him off by smashing a brick over his head, but Max shoves her out of the way just in time. Esther again tries to kill him at the hospital by smothering him with a pillow. As doctors rush to save Daniel, Kate angrily knocks Esther down for doing that and is sedated by doctors.That night, Esther tries to seduce a drunk and sad John. John realizes Kate was telling the truth all along and threatens to call the orphanage. Esther, angry at being spurned, ransacks her room and later stabs John to death. Max witnesses this and hides in her laundry hamper.
As Kate is coming out of sedation, she gets a call from the Saarne Institute's director, Dr. Värava (Karel Roden), who reveals that Esther isn't a 9-year-old girl at all, but a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer. She has hypopituitarism, a disorder that stunted her physical growth, and has spent most of her life posing as a little girl. The doctor tells Kate that Esther is dangerously psychotic, and Kate should rush home to her family. Kate rushes home, where Esther shoots her in the arm before searching for Max.Their chase takes them outside to a frozen pond, where Kate and Esther struggle before falling through broken ice from the knife Esther tried to stab Kate with. Kate crawls out of the hole, followed by Esther, who begs for her life, addressing Kate as "Mommy". Kate angrily responds that she is not her mother and kicks Esther in the face, breaking her neck and sending her back into the pond to drown.
In my opinion, this movie is not suitable to the children because this movie full of violent. As I said at the beginning, after read this synopsis you will be attract to watch this story moreover after watch the full thriller and the poster with the heading that is THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE ESTER. Through this heading, I think when you watch this movie, you will be seated at the cinema until the story is ended because you want to know what was happen to the Esther and her adopt families. Same as me, I never leave the cinema until it is finished even though the starting of the story is about the slow but when come to climax, it is very unpredictable movie. This is because, the story is full of violent that done by the Esther, physco things and the best part of this story is when you know that Esther is woman but trap in the child body that is 9 years old. In addition, like I say, I watch this story at midnight time and it give a big impact to me and my cousin because of the full physcho tragedies in that movie that play with my mind and my heart.

Monday, September 28, 2009

...10 FaCts aBoUt mE...


I will choose anything that represents blue colors because I very love those colors. To me, blue colors bring me peace in myself.


Why I love to bully my little brother? This is because, nobody kids at my home and he is the only one. I f you saw my little brother, you will be attract towards him, because he has a cuties face, but he is so naughty boy that always bully me. Other than that, he always kicks at fight with me. If my parents do not at home, I will bully my little brother until he cries because it will bring satisfaction to me.


When I’m a small little girls, I do not scared of cat, but when I grow up, recently I really scared of that animals and until now, I do not know why. At school, the boys always bring cats to me and I will run from them because I really scared. Until now also, the boys always bully me by bring cats towards me. Other reasons why I’m scared towards cats is because, since I’m small, my grandma always scolded me when I’m play with cat because scared of me getting asthmatic.


Not only scared of snake, but watching the snake through television also make me feel very nauseating.


Same with snake, I also scared of rat. I also will feel nauseating when watch the rat. The more bigger the rat, the more nauseating will I feel. Even hamster that most people advocate also, I cannot touch and see it.


I really love to chatting and knowing people through my space, blog, tagged and also yahoo messenger. I’m a talkative person, that why I love to chat. In addition, I also love to make many friends.


I think everyone like to dreams. In my opinion, dreaming is part of human life. For example, dreams being a lecturer, being a rich man, have a sporty car that prices half of million and dreams about future life. I think dreaming is good think but do not drift in your dreaming. Make your dreams come true and because of that, I love to dreams.


When everybody describes me, everybody will say that I’m a very talkative person. I really agree with that statement but not everybody know that I’m a sensitive person. I cannot be scold or snarl by people. I will cry after people snarl at me especially in front of other people.


I really love to eat chocolate especially Cadbury black forest. This is my favorite chocolate. Even though the price is quit expensive, I will buy it.


In relationships, I cannot accept a liar person. Even a friend that always lies to other people also I cannot accept it. This is because, when you start to be a liar, you will to lie to everybody.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

...D3D1 Is ThE BeST...

Hello everyone! Today I would to tell to you about my classmates. If you want to know, most of my classmates this semester is my first classmates when I am in part 1. That why, I’m quite close with all of them especially with Seri, Izzaty and Sakinah. Rather than that, I happier stay with all of them.

1) Jabbar
Firstly is Jabbar. As what I notice now, Jabbar currently close with Adib and they are always going to class together. This is because, maybe there are from the same college, named Sempana Riau. To me, Jabbar is a quiet person, but love to smile. Every time I saw him, he will give a sweet smile. Even he is a quiet person, sometimes he will make joke that can make all of us laugh. Besides that, I’m happier to know him.
2) Kochak

Next is Kochak, or his real named Mohd Zulfadli. At first site when knowing their self, I think he is a quiet and nerd person, but eventually, all of my first impression is wrong. This is because, he is quite a funny person and always make jokes when hang out with him. Other than that, he always share story with me. As for me, for the guys in the this class, I quite close towards Kochak rather than other guys.

3) Hariz
SR is his current college for this semester. He always comes to class with his best friend, Sabirin. To me, he is quite a good looking person but he always show off, rather in class or outside the class. Other than that, he has “laser” mouth. But to me, I do not feel offended.
4) Sabirin
Stay in the same college as Hariz, he also always go to class with him. They kind a close friend as what can I see so far. He is a soft spoken and a kind hearted person. In other hand, he always help people if their having their problem.
5) Adib

What I can describe about him, is he is a handsome and good looking boy. Most of the girl will attract to him. Other than that, he is a quiet person, but currently, now, he become more talkative and can makes jokes with all of us. Since knowing him, to me, he is change a lot rather than part 1 and orientation course.
6) Akmal Hakim
Genius. The best word describes him. He has a really good CGPA for this 2 semester. Even he is intelligent, he is not an arrogant person. Willing and able to teach anyone is one of the reasons why I really like to be friends with him. Learn from him will help me to improve myself. Akmal, I like your smile!

1) Izzaty

Zaty, is my best friends, since I’m in part 1. Even though she is not same college with me, but I always hang out at their room. To me, she is a good listener and she always be besides me if I need a friends. I love you!

2) Seri
Since part 1, I know this girl named Norhaslinasari and until now, I still be friends with her and same class with her. As for me, she is a happy good lucky person and helpful person. Thanks for being besides me always!
3) Sakinah

Nur Sakinah bt Noordin is one of my best friend since I’m in part 1. When you look at Sakinah, the first things that cross in your mind are, she is too quiet person. But to me, she is not too quiet and she also can makes jokes among us. If you know Sakinah more closely, you will know the real attitudes. For instance, I agree with Seri that Sakinah has soft face.In addition, me, Zaty and Seri will call Sakinah as “Kit” because she loves cat. Furthermore, I just want to say that thank you “Kit” for being besides me especially when I having an accident.

4) Its me. Liyana!
5) Ayu
When we talk about Ayu, the first things that cross in my mind is, she has a soft face and I like to hear their voice because their voice is so soft and to me, she is the very soft spoken people that I ever had. In addition, what I want to say to you is, I really like see your sweetie face and your named is really suitable towards you.

6) Zaty
Stay at Sempana Alam Buana College, same like Ayu. They always go to class together. She has a small face and wearing spectacles. She loves to smile.
7) Fatimah

She is close with Atiqah since Atiqah move here. This is because they live at the same sector, which is sector A. She also is a kindhearted person. Willing to teach who ever ask a question to her. Nice for knowing you Fatimah!

8) Fawa
I know her since we were in part 1. She is a free hair girl in my class. As for me, she is a one man standing because she can go to class or anywhere alone. Because of that, I think she is the independent girls.
9) Amirah
She is new student in our class. She also frees hair like Fawa. In addition, currently, I think her closer towards Fawa rather than other classmates. Though she is new to me, but I know that she is a kind hearted person because she loves to smile. I hope than we can know each other better.
10) Atiqah
Same as Amirah, Atiqah also a new student at my class also in this UiTM. She was transfers from UiTM Sarawak, but I do not know why she is transfers here. But to me, Atiqah is soft spoken person and always smile to each other. Because of that, I feel, I want to know you better and I hope we will friends until the end.

...My NeW suBjEcT...

Hello to all my readers! See you again in my blog. For the new entry, I want to tell to all of you about my new subjects that I am taking for this semester. As you know, I am currently in part 3, diploma in banking students. I am taking seven subjects including co-curriculum for this semester. Overall, the total unit for all subjects are 18.0. The list of subjects that I am taking is Arabic Language 1 (BAB 101), Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216), Fundamentals of Islamic Economics (CTU 241), English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311), and Volley Ball 1 (HSK 115).

Firstly, I will explain about Arabic Language 1. The code for this subject is BAB 101 and the credit hours are 2.0. My lecturer’s name is Ustaz Muhammad Rozman Abdullah. He is so kind person and always to make jokes in the class. The assessments are 10% for quiz, 20% for listening, 10% for reading, 10% for speaking, 20% for written test and 30% for projects. The type of projects is video projects. We should make a video drama but the title is free and in Arabic language. At Arabic class, I think I can release tension because ustaz’s joke can make me laugh. He is so funny person that I ever meet. Furthermore, the Arabic Language is not too heavy than the other subjects. But unfortunately, Ustaz Rozman not teach D3D1 students again, and change by a new lecturer named Ustazah Aini. She is quite a simple ustazah but a bit because she rarely not make a jokes in the class and she always give homework towards us.

Secondly, the subject that I am taking is Macroeconomics and the code is ECO 211. There are 3.0 credit hours for this subject. Puan Zarina Denan is teaching us for this subject. She is also love to make jokes. She has motherhood’s characters. She is very caring about her students and we also feel close with her even she is a talkative person. This subject has 40% of continuous assessment that includes 20% for 1st test and 2nd test, 10% for quizzes and 10% for individual’s assignments. The other 60% is for final exam. I like to learn this subject because I have basics of economics lesson. I have learnt economic subjects almost 2 years in form 4 and form 5 at my secondary school.

Thirdly, Fundamentals of Finance is the one of my subjects for this semester. The code is FIN 262 and the credit hours are 4.0. My lecturer’s name is Puan Wan Asma Hanim Wan Mustafa. She is soft person and I happy study with her because, if I cannot understand the questions, she will teach their students until the students understand and get it even I ask her so many times. Luckily, just sometimes she will check student’s homework. For the assessment, it will include 15% for 1st test, 15% for 2nd test, 5% for participation, 5% for assignments and other 60% more for final examination. I am also like to learn this subject because I love calculation more than the read session of reading. In this subjects we will learn about financial analysis, working capital management, mathematics of finance, capital budgeting and others.

Next, I am taking Introduction to Statistics subjects. This is also known as QMT 216. The credit hours are 3.0. Puan Ruhana Zainuddin is my lecturer for this subject. She is a strict lecturer but she has a good experience for being a lecturer. Now, she is an associate professor in faculty of computer science and mathematics in UiTM Johor. Before she starts her class, she will give a ‘tazkirah’ for their students. This is because she wants to remind us to build a good attitude. Furthermore, this is a good way for students to motivate herself and being a good God’s vicegerent on earth. The evaluation for this subjects are 10% for 1st test, 10% for 2nd test, 10% for project group, 10% for assignments and quizzes, and another 60% for final examination. Other than that, she always gives unexpected quiz but we can discuss or look at book while doing the quiz but in the silent mode. That why, I’m happy while doing their quiz because, she is the first lecturer that I ever meet, while doing the quiz can discuss with each other.

Besides that, I have taken Fundamentals of Islamic Economics also known as CTU 241. There are 2.0 credit hours for this Islamic subject. This subject is teaching by Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. He is a diligent person. Because of that, he has a lot of post to hold in his life other than as a lecturer in this university. Furthermore, he has more experience for being a good lecturer. He has been teaches at UiTM Segamat for a long years.

Other than that, I am taking English for Academic Purposes subject. That is BEL 311. There are 3.0 credit hours. Sir Izuan Ismail is my lecturer for this subject. He is very kind and helpful person. He is always teaching us about writing skills for term paper. He had taught us about differences between spoken and written language. Furthermore, he assists us to be a perfect writer. He gives us weekly assignments in blog to improve our writing skills. On-going assessment for BEL 311 are 60% which include of 30% for written assignment, 20% for speaking test, and 10% for attendance. Other 40% are for final examination. I had fun for learning this subject with Sir Izuan.

Lastly, for co-curriculum activities, I have chosen Volley Ball which is taught by Sir Meslani. This subject was taken only 1.0 credit hour. He is soft-spoken and sporting person to me. Even thought he is a sporting, but when come to training, he become more strict but we always feel happy with him but still feel tiring because he always like to jog with his co students before start the volley ball games.

I think that all for today. We will meet again for the next assignment in BEL 311……

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...BeiNG A sENioR...

Hello everyone! Meet me again in this blog. I am sorry for the late submission. For the last week assignment, I want to tell you about my experience being a senior. Before this, all of the readers know about my self and a little bit about my roommates, but today, I want to share with you my experience and my perception being a senior.

In my opinion, senior is an undergraduate student during the year proceeding of graduation. In addition, definition of senior is considers the first person that enters the organization such as office, school or college. Honestly, even though as part three students, I do not feel myself as a senior because most of the part 1 and part 2 students, the age gap are small. Furthermore, I do not feel as a senior because, most of the students in my wing, are in part 4 and above, even all my roommates, more senior than me. Only one student in my wing is from part 1. Somehow, I still feel that I am senior because, most of the part 1 and part 2 students will smile and show their respect towards me.

Moreover, being a senior have more advantages from the junior. One of the advantages is, we as part 3 students is more relax compared to part 1 students. The reason being, when we are in part 1, we have many activities that we must attend and it is compulsory. During that time, I feel so tiring being a junior and because of that, I could not manage my time properly. I can imagine how my juniors feeling right now. Being a senior, we must show a good example and attitude towards the junior students because the junior will follow by example. We must also have sense of responsibility to help the junior students adapt to the new campus environment.

When you are the senior, you must be mature in your actions and do not over ruled the power of seniority because it can spoil your relationships. As a junior, the advised that I can give is, always respect your senior, smile whenever meet and make friends with them because they have more experience. Moreover, you can learn everything about campus from your senior.

What I like becoming a senior is that I get more respect and acknowledgement from my juniors especially when they called me as “akak liyana”. My experience makes me feel more matured and confident to talk to people.

Lastly, for the next semester, there is no more orientation day like before and UiTM has change it into fun activities such as family day and games between juniors and seniors. I am looking forward to join those activities to get to know them much better. With my experience as a senior, I am confident I can contribute my expertise to the juniors how fun life could be in campus only if you know how to maximize it.

That is all for today, see you soon for my next assignment in BEL 311…..Bye for now! Have a Nice Day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

...My BesT RooMMates EveR...

Hello to all my readers.For this week’s assignment, I will tell you all about my roommates. I’m glad to get the best roommates ever. Since I was in part 2, I had stayed with them. They are all seniors, but they are good seniors. They also will help me in everything especially in my studies. We also share anything such as foods, drinks and opinion with each other. Like people said, sharing is caring. I’m also quite close with all my roommates friends because, they always hang out at my room. Two of my roommates is in part 5 and taking Business course and one of them is same course with me but in different part.

First of all, I would like to tell to you about Siti Shazarinna bt. Mohamed Zakaria. She was born in 31 of May 1989. The zodiac of Shaza is Gemini. Now, she is in part 4 and she is taking a Banking course. Currently, now she is staying at Petaling Jaya with her parents and her 7 siblings including her. She is the first child in her family. Since young, she had wanted to be a Bank Officer, and that’s why, she in a Banking course. Other than that, she love calculating subjects. In addition, she also love to listen music and hang out with friends like other teenagers. Siti Shazarinna likes to eat chicken rice and her favourite drinks is “neslo ice” and ice milo. In part 1, she is also active and involved in the events at the college such as “Kompang” contest and the procession of “Maulidur Rasul”. For “Kompang” contest, my college win the second place. For the procession of “Maulidur Rasul”, my college win the first place. Shaza is a quite a quiet person for me even she also always share anything with me even the personal things.

Secondly, I want to tell to you about my second roommate named Fatin Azaty bt Azhar. She is like a busy person to me because if you want to see her, she will only at the room at night or when she do not have any classes. This is the only time time that you can see her. She was born in 10 September 1989. For this coming birthday, she will become 20. Now, she is in part 5 and she took a Business Study. Currently now, she is staying at Klang, Selangaor. She is the first child in family and she had 5 siblings. In my opinion, Fatin is an active person because she likes to climbing mountain and do hiking. The achievements that she done for herself is, almost 7 mountain that she was climb, such as Anggi Mountain,Gunung Ledang Mountain and Nuang Mountain.Rather than that,she also like to read and dance.Recently, now she is active back in Performing Arts Club and tonight, on 14 July, she will be perform at Dewan Sri Temenggong. The Principe of her life is “What you give, you will get back”. Lastly,now she hold the post of Secretary of “Majlis Sukan Pelajar” and treasurer in Rekreation Club.

Now, I want to tell to you about my last roommates, named Noor Syafiqah bt. Yahya. She was born in 23 November 1989 at Hospital Kajang. The zodiac of this girl is Sagittarius. First child in her family and she has 4 siblings. I’m just call Noor Syafiqah as Pika. Pika likes to read novels, watching movies, surf Internet and she like to dreaming about her future. Other than that, Pika also addicted towards story named Transformers, Harry Potter, Lords of The Ring and the most favourite series at AXN, named Crime Scene Investigation(CSI). Pika also like to watch,all movies from “Allahyarham P.Ramlee”. In addition, Syafiqah like towards purple colour and that’s why, most of the clothes, shoes and other things is the purple colour. Something special about my roommate, she can make up people. If have any events, I will make sure that Pika will make up for me. Like other teenager girls, Pika always interested towards shoes, jewelleries and go shopping. Pika is also an active person like another roommate named Fatin Azaty. In this college, many activities that she join until now. The activities that she join is Pentomen contest, procession of “Maulidur Rasul” and procession for “MITEK” and “SUKOL”. Since the first time I’m came into this room, Pika is the first person that talk to me and we talk until midnight for the the first day I meet her. She is a talkative person and happy go lucky. From the other roommates, I’m very close to people named Noor Syafiqah bt. Yahya. Lastly, every person in this world have a motto in her life, including Pika. The motto of her life is “To know the meaning of love and ambition, think first that love is a suffer and ambition is a light of life. Before to close with the meaning of love, understand first the meaning of ambition and before knowing love, meet the ambition first”. "Fall in love with the studies, engaged with revising,married with exam and honeymoon with the success”."Life without love is nothing, love without life is impossible”.

To me, they are best roommates that I ever had because, I always had fun with them. In addition, they also supporting are roommates. Rather than that, they all always share anything with me including the personal things. Something special about my roommates, all of us is the first child including me in family. I really hope that I can stay with them until all of them graduate because they are all the best seniors that I ever had.