Saturday, July 18, 2009

...My BesT RooMMates EveR...

Hello to all my readers.For this week’s assignment, I will tell you all about my roommates. I’m glad to get the best roommates ever. Since I was in part 2, I had stayed with them. They are all seniors, but they are good seniors. They also will help me in everything especially in my studies. We also share anything such as foods, drinks and opinion with each other. Like people said, sharing is caring. I’m also quite close with all my roommates friends because, they always hang out at my room. Two of my roommates is in part 5 and taking Business course and one of them is same course with me but in different part.

First of all, I would like to tell to you about Siti Shazarinna bt. Mohamed Zakaria. She was born in 31 of May 1989. The zodiac of Shaza is Gemini. Now, she is in part 4 and she is taking a Banking course. Currently, now she is staying at Petaling Jaya with her parents and her 7 siblings including her. She is the first child in her family. Since young, she had wanted to be a Bank Officer, and that’s why, she in a Banking course. Other than that, she love calculating subjects. In addition, she also love to listen music and hang out with friends like other teenagers. Siti Shazarinna likes to eat chicken rice and her favourite drinks is “neslo ice” and ice milo. In part 1, she is also active and involved in the events at the college such as “Kompang” contest and the procession of “Maulidur Rasul”. For “Kompang” contest, my college win the second place. For the procession of “Maulidur Rasul”, my college win the first place. Shaza is a quite a quiet person for me even she also always share anything with me even the personal things.

Secondly, I want to tell to you about my second roommate named Fatin Azaty bt Azhar. She is like a busy person to me because if you want to see her, she will only at the room at night or when she do not have any classes. This is the only time time that you can see her. She was born in 10 September 1989. For this coming birthday, she will become 20. Now, she is in part 5 and she took a Business Study. Currently now, she is staying at Klang, Selangaor. She is the first child in family and she had 5 siblings. In my opinion, Fatin is an active person because she likes to climbing mountain and do hiking. The achievements that she done for herself is, almost 7 mountain that she was climb, such as Anggi Mountain,Gunung Ledang Mountain and Nuang Mountain.Rather than that,she also like to read and dance.Recently, now she is active back in Performing Arts Club and tonight, on 14 July, she will be perform at Dewan Sri Temenggong. The Principe of her life is “What you give, you will get back”. Lastly,now she hold the post of Secretary of “Majlis Sukan Pelajar” and treasurer in Rekreation Club.

Now, I want to tell to you about my last roommates, named Noor Syafiqah bt. Yahya. She was born in 23 November 1989 at Hospital Kajang. The zodiac of this girl is Sagittarius. First child in her family and she has 4 siblings. I’m just call Noor Syafiqah as Pika. Pika likes to read novels, watching movies, surf Internet and she like to dreaming about her future. Other than that, Pika also addicted towards story named Transformers, Harry Potter, Lords of The Ring and the most favourite series at AXN, named Crime Scene Investigation(CSI). Pika also like to watch,all movies from “Allahyarham P.Ramlee”. In addition, Syafiqah like towards purple colour and that’s why, most of the clothes, shoes and other things is the purple colour. Something special about my roommate, she can make up people. If have any events, I will make sure that Pika will make up for me. Like other teenager girls, Pika always interested towards shoes, jewelleries and go shopping. Pika is also an active person like another roommate named Fatin Azaty. In this college, many activities that she join until now. The activities that she join is Pentomen contest, procession of “Maulidur Rasul” and procession for “MITEK” and “SUKOL”. Since the first time I’m came into this room, Pika is the first person that talk to me and we talk until midnight for the the first day I meet her. She is a talkative person and happy go lucky. From the other roommates, I’m very close to people named Noor Syafiqah bt. Yahya. Lastly, every person in this world have a motto in her life, including Pika. The motto of her life is “To know the meaning of love and ambition, think first that love is a suffer and ambition is a light of life. Before to close with the meaning of love, understand first the meaning of ambition and before knowing love, meet the ambition first”. "Fall in love with the studies, engaged with revising,married with exam and honeymoon with the success”."Life without love is nothing, love without life is impossible”.

To me, they are best roommates that I ever had because, I always had fun with them. In addition, they also supporting are roommates. Rather than that, they all always share anything with me including the personal things. Something special about my roommates, all of us is the first child including me in family. I really hope that I can stay with them until all of them graduate because they are all the best seniors that I ever had.

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