Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...BeiNG A sENioR...

Hello everyone! Meet me again in this blog. I am sorry for the late submission. For the last week assignment, I want to tell you about my experience being a senior. Before this, all of the readers know about my self and a little bit about my roommates, but today, I want to share with you my experience and my perception being a senior.

In my opinion, senior is an undergraduate student during the year proceeding of graduation. In addition, definition of senior is considers the first person that enters the organization such as office, school or college. Honestly, even though as part three students, I do not feel myself as a senior because most of the part 1 and part 2 students, the age gap are small. Furthermore, I do not feel as a senior because, most of the students in my wing, are in part 4 and above, even all my roommates, more senior than me. Only one student in my wing is from part 1. Somehow, I still feel that I am senior because, most of the part 1 and part 2 students will smile and show their respect towards me.

Moreover, being a senior have more advantages from the junior. One of the advantages is, we as part 3 students is more relax compared to part 1 students. The reason being, when we are in part 1, we have many activities that we must attend and it is compulsory. During that time, I feel so tiring being a junior and because of that, I could not manage my time properly. I can imagine how my juniors feeling right now. Being a senior, we must show a good example and attitude towards the junior students because the junior will follow by example. We must also have sense of responsibility to help the junior students adapt to the new campus environment.

When you are the senior, you must be mature in your actions and do not over ruled the power of seniority because it can spoil your relationships. As a junior, the advised that I can give is, always respect your senior, smile whenever meet and make friends with them because they have more experience. Moreover, you can learn everything about campus from your senior.

What I like becoming a senior is that I get more respect and acknowledgement from my juniors especially when they called me as “akak liyana”. My experience makes me feel more matured and confident to talk to people.

Lastly, for the next semester, there is no more orientation day like before and UiTM has change it into fun activities such as family day and games between juniors and seniors. I am looking forward to join those activities to get to know them much better. With my experience as a senior, I am confident I can contribute my expertise to the juniors how fun life could be in campus only if you know how to maximize it.

That is all for today, see you soon for my next assignment in BEL 311…..Bye for now! Have a Nice Day.

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mir said...

kak,xde ke gmbr trbaru,rndu... sngt nk tngk akak...